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Take the stress out of appointment admin with easy-to-use massage scheduling software.

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Feel the luxury of massage online booking.

Focus on providing treatments while your massage booking software automates client scheduling.

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  • Accept appointments from social media

    Add a ‘Book Now’ button to your Facebook and Instagram pages to take bookings straight from social media.

  • Get instant updates on any device

    Your massage appointment scheduler syncs booking details across desktop, mobile and tablet.

  • Create a custom Booking Page

    Allow clients to self-schedule and pay for massage appointments 24/7. No calls or emails necessary. Booking Page.

  • Reduce the pain of no-shows

    Automate booking reminders via text or email to keep customers in the loop and maximize your bookable hours.

  • Put treatment plans in place

    Set up recurring appointments for clients with longer-term concerns. Daily, weekly, monthly, or a custom choice.

  • Build trust with your leads

    Activate automatic review requests and showcase glowing client testimonials on your Booking Page.

Massage therapists ❤️ Setmore

  • 4.75/5 rating based on 749 reviews on Capterra.

  • 4.6/5 rating based on 233 reviews on Facebook.

  • Accent Massage Therapy

    A very simple and easy program for both us and our clients to use. If you have a problem, Setmore staff always reply back within minutes with a solution.

    Leanne Johnson
  • 82%

    of customers want to know about hygiene policies in advance.*

    Add custom terms and conditions to your Booking Page. Inform customers of any pre-treatment guidelines with your massage appointment app.

    *The Good Spa Guide
  • This software has changed the way we do business.

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Enable your clients to manage their appointments 24/7 with an online massage booking software.

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Get paid securely online.

Accept payments from your clients at the point of booking. Your massage therapy scheduling software connects with Square,PayPal and Stripe to facilitate contactless payments through your Booking Page. Convenient for you and your client base.

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Set up multiple staff calendars.

Empower your team to manage their own calendars. Each staff login comes with an individual calendar and booking link. For return clients, this makes it straightforward to book with specific service providers. When appointments are scheduled, rescheduled or canceled, the relevant staff member is notified in real-time.

Make booking a breeze with all-in-one massage scheduling software.

  • Showcase your full service menu

    Display your range of treatments and availability on your custom Booking Page. Allow clients pick and pay for services without needing to contact you.

  • Turn browsing into bookings

    Add a booking button to your massage business’ website and watch your traffic become new clients. Your Booking Page integrates with Wordpress, Wix and more.

  • Let customers book via Facebook

    Realize your social media's full potential. Connect Setmore with Facebook’s ‘Book Now’ button and enable clients to schedule treatments from your page and posts.


  • Take a look at our plans and select one that works best for your massage therapy business. After creating your account, you can set up your online Booking Page. Customize it with your services, staff, work hours and fees.

    Your Booking Page link is editable, so be sure to add your company’s name. Services and staff also have individual booking links. You can share your full Booking Page link with customers, or direct them to the most relevant services or staff members.

    When customers use your Booking Page to self-schedule a massage appointment, the booking appears in your Setmore calendar. Both the customer and service provider also receive email booking confirmations.

    Learn more about introducing an online booking system for massage therapists.

  • Activate a payment integration and allow clients to pay for massage appointments through your Booking Page. If you have a Free account, you can connect Setmore with Square to process credit and debit card transactions. Those on Premium or Pro plans also have access to the Stripe or Paypal integrations. PayPal enables you to take card and digital wallet payments.

    To request upfront payments, log into your Setmore web app and navigate to Settings > Payments > Booking Page . Flip the toggle on to activate Booking Page payments. Under this option, you can specify where customer payments are optional or mandatory . Choose ‘Mandatory’ if you’d like payment to be processed before Setmore confirms an appointment.

    Additionally, your massage online booking software enables you to accept payments in person. Transaction details are stored in your app and can sync with accounting tools like QuickBooks. Read more in our guide to receiving payments online.

  • Yes, your Booking Page can be personalized with your company logo, photos of your facilities, terms and conditions and reviews. Many businesses add an Instagram stream so their most recent updates are displayed front-and-center,

    The AMTA studied the most common ways clients find massage therapists. Websites came just behind client-to-client referrals at 85%. Using your Booking Page as a standalone massage booking website allows new clients to get a full view of your business, with the option to book right away. Booking Pages can be seen in Google search results, so be sure to optimize yours and compete for local search traffic.

    Learn more about how to personalize your online Booking Page.

  • Yes, those with a Premium account can hide Setmore’s branding. In your Setmore web app, head to ‘Apps & Integrations’ and click ‘Configure’ under ‘Your Booking Page’. Select the ‘Booking Policies’ tab and switch off Setmore branding.

    Sign up now to create a fully-branded online massage booking system.

  • Yes, if you have a Free account, you can activate 1-way Google sync. Premium and Pro accounts have access to 2-way Google sync, which sends event details to and from Setmore. Both calendars stay aligned, making double-booking a thing of the past.

    Learn more about your massage appointment software’s Google Calendar sync options.

  • Yes. In your Setmore web app, open ‘Settings’ and go to Notifications > Customer. Navigate to ‘Reminder Lead Time’ and determine how far ahead your texts should be sent.

    You can also specify the appointment details included in client text reminders. Open Settings > Notifications > Customization and navigate to ‘SMS Notification’. Here you’re able to choose the data fields which auto-populate with booking information.

    Read more about customizing reminders with your massage therapist booking app.

  • Yes. No matter the plan you choose, Setmore stores all customer data collected through your calendar, Booking Page and app’s ‘Customer’ tab.

    Contact information, appointment history and payments are stored in individual Customer Profiles. You can also upload appointment notes and links to view all client data in one place.

    Your free massage software also integrates with various CRM and marketing tools, enhancing communication with your clientbase.

  • Yes, if you have a Premium account, you can set appointments to repeat. Last year, 30% of respondents to an AMTA survey said they booked a massage as part of a medical treatment plan. To cater to longer-term clients, the recurring appointments feature ensures they have reserved spaces in your calendar.

    To set a recurring booking, open your calendar and choose an available slot as usual. In the Appointment Details, click the ‘Repeat’ menu and specify how often the massage appointment will recur. You can also set an end date. Once confirmed, the appointments in this series will automatically appear in your Setmore calendar.

    Read more about organizing recurring appointments with online scheduling software for massage therapists.

  • Display terms and conditions using a custom pop-up. Your visitors see this message when they land on your business’ Booking Page. To continue self-scheduling an appointment, they must acknowledge they have read the pop-up.

    Booking Page pop-ups can also be used to share company updates, changes to work hours, special offers, links to join loyalty programs and more.

    View step-by-step instructions to add T&Cs to your massage booking system, free.

  • Let us throw some statistics your way. According to the AMTA, 72% of massage specialists describe themselves as sole practitioners. Additionally, 38% travel to their clients to provide services. Whether you run a business, manage a team or see clients on the go, your time is valuable. Online booking for massage therapists ensures appointments can be confirmed without you having to answer every call and message.

    New and existing clients have a route to booking massage appointments 24/7. You and your staff get real-time booking updates, wherever your work takes you. That goes for new, rescheduled and canceled bookings, so you can make the most of your day.

    Free massage therapy software also increases your channels to accept appointments. You can connect your Booking Page with your existing website, in addition to Facebook and Instagram.

  • No, you can manage multiple staff under one account. The Free plan enables you to create 4 staff logins, each with a unique calendar and booking link.

    Premium plans allow 2 staff logins with access to exclusive integrations and features, like SMS reminders. Pro accounts get all the benefits of Premium for 3 or more staff, and you can continue adding logins for a nominal fee.

    Read more about our plans and pricing and set up massage therapy online booking today.

  • Your Booking Page connects with Facebook and Instagram’s ‘Book Now’ buttons. Clients can self-schedule appointments from your posts, ads and profiles. The details land in your calendar in real-time.

    Read our step-by-step instructions to integrate your massage therapy booking software with Facebook and Instagram.

For more information, check out our Support Center.

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