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Why a web-based scheduler is your go-to.

It takes only seconds to schedule an appointment through your Setmore calendar.

Use drop-down menus to add the booking details – including appointment type, customer and service provider – and click to confirm. The guest and staff member receive instant email confirmations.

  • Automate your scheduling

    Simply click your calendar to book a new appointment. Choose the service, time and guest, and Setmore sends out automatic email confirmations.

  • Bring your team together

    Create multiple staff calendars under one account. Empower your team members to control their schedules and get a full view of activity 24/7.

  • So long, double-booking

    Add your work hours and block out times you're unavailable. Keep your professional and personal events aligned with calendar sync options.

appointment confirmation and update options

Set off an awesome chain of events.

When you book an appointment, a custom email confirmation is fired out to the service provider and customer. Booking details sync with your Google or Office365 calendars, and your customer receives a handy reschedule link. To top it off, Setmore sends reminder emails (or texts with Premium) to help reduce no-shows.

Easy-to-use, engaging and efficient.

As your business grows, staying on top of your schedule is vital. Color-code your calendar and tap each event to view its full details. Did you know your Setmore calendar auto-updates in the background? You’ll be immediately notified when a customer books, reschedules or cancels an appointment through your Booking Page.

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Click to meet.

Integrate Setmore with Teleport or Zoom and book virtual appointments through your calendar. Appointment details automatically display a one-click video meeting link, as do the service provider and customers booking confirmations. No downloads or additional costs - both of you just click the link to start.

Optimized for any device.

Stay connected with your appointments on-the-go using the Setmore mobile app. Your calendar looks sleek on any screen, allowing you to update your schedule and access customer details from Anywhere. Make changes through your iOS or Android device and they'll reflect across desktop and tablet in real-time.

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Make the most of your Setmore calendar 🏆


  • Yes, sign up for a Setmore account to get your free online scheduling calendar. Log into your web app and your calendar will appear right away. Read our illustrated step-by-step guides to changing your calendar view and adding appointments.

    Our Support Center has a dedicated section on how to create an online calendar.

  • When you create a service, you’ll assign a time allowance to it. When that service is booked, your calendar will automatically block out the time needed. If needed, you can edit service duration for particular appointments.

    The appointment slot size you specify defines how often openings are displayed on your Booking Page. For example, a 30-minute slot size will show available slots every 30 minutes, from the time your business opens to the time it closes. This is the case even if your services run longer. Read our support article for more details on how to adjust your appointment slots.

  • Absolutely. In your Setmore web app, open your calendar. Click an open spot and you’ll see an Appointment Details pop-up. Specify the service, provider and customer. You can also process payment here if needed. Next, click ‘Save Appointment’. The service provider and customer both receive instant email confirmations of the booking.

    Wondering how to confirm a client appointment by email? Your Setmore app does the legwork for you and your staff. Read more about how to schedule appointments online.

  • Your Setmore calendar is for your eyes only, unless you choose to share it. It displays all of your events to give you a real-time view of your schedule. As an account admin, you can customize settings for your calendar and any staff calendars associated.

    Your customer-facing Booking Page is shareable online. Visitors can self-schedule appointments 24/7 and the details sync with your Setmore calendar. Conversely, if you add an appointment or block out time in your calendar, it’s also blocked out on your Booking Page. Your online traffic sees your services, availability, fees and company details - they do not have access to your Setmore calendar.

    Learn how to let people book an appointment with you online.

  • As an account admin, you can determine the level of access each staff member has. You can share your calendar in two different ways. Add staff members as 'Receptionists' and they'll be able to view all staff calendars and the 'Customers’ tab. They’ll not have access to other menus or submenus.

    Second option: Simply share your Booking Page link and let your reception team confirm appointments when you're available.

    Learn more about login controls and how to create an online shared calendar.

  • Your Setmore calendar can help you book group events, from classes to webinars. In the web app, go to Settings > Classes and choose '+ Create New Class'. Add the class name, description, cost, duration, and the number of seats. You can also post an image. Save your event and specify session times so seats can be reserved through your Booking Page.

    Explore how to make an online event calendar with Setmore. Your events calendar with payment gateway enables customers to book and pay for seats 24/7. Connect your Booking Page with your website, Instagram and Facebook to fill your calendar even faster.

    And, if you'd like to add a customer yourself, you can do so through your Setmore appointment booking calendar.

  • Yes, you can download a free version of Setmore for web, mobile and tablet. Setmore Free allows you to set up 4 staff calendars and comes with email reminders, free video meetings via Teleport, and more. Learn how to make your own calendar online for free.

    With a Premium account, you unlock advanced features including text reminders, the Zoom and PayPal integrations and 2-way calendar sync for up to 2 staff. A Pro account gives 3+ staff access to all Premium features and integrations.

    Learn more about plans for Setmore appointment calendar software.

  • Yes, you can create 4 staff calendars with a Setmore Free account. If you opt for Premium, you can create 2 staff calendars with access to exclusive features, such as text reminders and the Zoom integration. A Pro account offers all the benefits of Premium to teams of 3 or more.

    Explore how to create an online calendar for multiple users. We also have a dedicated section to staff scheduling at our Support Center, including a step-by-step to add staff profiles.

  • These are just some examples of how to set up your custom online calendar. Add personalized labels and color-coding to your services, for a visually-rich view of your schedule. You can also create custom time slots and edit service duration and cost when setting an appointment.

    When needing to see your availability across a day, week or month, simply change your calendar view.

    Head to the dedicated calendar section of our Support Center for more ideas on how to customize an online calendar. If you're looking for ways to put your stamp on your Booking Page, read our Booking Page set-up guide.

  • Yes, Setmore enables you to process payments online or in-person via credit and debit card, digital wallets and cash.

    If you’re on a Free plan, you have access to the Square payment integration. This allows you to accept debit and credit card payments through your calendar and Booking Page. If you have a Premium or Pro account, you can also choose from the Stripe and PayPal integrations. Setmore cash register is offered to all customers on any plan, to help you record cash payments on the floor or on-the-go.

    Transaction information can be auto-synced with accounting platforms like QuickBooks and Xero. Learn more about connecting your schedule calendar with payment gateways.

  • Yes, your appointment scheduling calendar automates the booking process, cutting down on back-and-forth requests. When you update your calendar, your availability syncs with your online Booking Page.

    Your customers see a real-time view of when you’re open to appointments. They can find an appointment slot that works for both of you, without having to contact you directly.

    Your Booking Page enables customers to schedule appointments around-the-clock. Service providers and customers receive instant email confirmations and your calendar blocks out appointment slots automatically.

    Simply share your Booking Page URL and let Setmore handle appointment requests on your behalf. Your Booking Page can also be connected to your website, Facebook and Instagram to create new channels to fill your calendar.

  • Yes, if you enable ‘Off-hours booking’ in your Setmore calendar scheduling tool. Here’s how to do it. If needed, you can also allow double-booking.

  • To block out time in your Setmore calendar, create an ‘Event’. To begin, open your web app and click an open slot in your calendar. In the Appointment Details pop-up, choose ‘Event’ from the Service dropdown menu. You’ll need to specify the duration of the Event and select a provider. To finish, click the ‘Save Event’ button.

    The Event time will be blocked out of your calendar and Booking Page. Learn more about ringfencing time using Events in your appointment calendar app.

  • Yes, Team Setmore is here to help day and night. If you have questions about setting up your calendar appointment app, contact us by phone, chat or email. We also offer free 1:1 demos to help you make the most of your online calendar for booking appointments.

  • An online calendar for scheduling appointments with customers is just the start. With a Setmore Free account, you can accept bookings 24/7, automate email reminders, book and host 1-click video meetings, and view revenue from your dashboard. Learn more about Setmore Free.

  • In your web app, you’ll see an ‘Upgrade’ button in the top right corner. Click it and your upgrade options appear. Choose from a Premium or Pro plan, with monthly or annual billing. We even offer a 30-day money-back guarantee to every customer who originally signed up via web.

    Explore the Premium and Pro features of your Setmore calendar booking app.

  • If you’re a Setmore Free customer, you and your staff have access to 1-way Google sync. This exports your appointment info from Setmore to your Google calendar.

    Navigate to Settings > Staff and choose the staff member’s calendar to sync. In the staff menu, scroll to ‘1-way Sync’ and select ‘Show Link’. Scroll further to view the link and copy it.

    Next, open your Google Calendar in a new tab and find the ‘Other Calendars’ section in the left-side navigation menu. Click (+) > ‘From URL’ to open a new calendar menu. Here you can paste the link you copied earlier into the ‘From URL’ field and choose ‘Add Calendar’. That’s all there is to it. For illustrated instructions, check out our Google 1-way sync support article.

    Your free online calendar scheduler from Setmore also offers 1-way syncs with Outlook 365 and Apple calendars.

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