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Deliver your magic.

Call it magic, panache, mojo or zing... it's a people thing, not a tech solution.

Our mission is to help you deliver your magic. Your je ne sais quoi, that special sauce that keeps them coming back. And that all starts with connecting you and your customers.

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Setmore mobile application

Make bookings amazing.

Manage all your appointments through one online calendar that helps you and your clients connect Anywhere.

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More memorable, more recurring.

We work behind the scenes to help you deliver an exceptional experience every time.

Our simple, free platform brings your customers to the front row, allowing you to share your magic with the world.

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Your customers, your community.

Together, let's focus on the experience. Because, when we deliver meaningful experiences, the transactions take care of themselves.

Giving back more.

Community group of Setmore customers

Make the magic happen, we’ll make sure it happens on time.

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