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Tutor Scheduling Software.

Hit the books with students while Setmore schedules sessions for you.

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Get your A+ tutor scheduling app.

Access a real-time view of your calendar on any device and receive instant booking updates.

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Give your students the power to book any time, with online tutoring scheduling software.

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Your top integrations.

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Personalize your online Booking Page.

Whether teaching students to conjugate verbs or hit the right note, tutors have enough on their plates. Let your free tutoring software handle day-to-day scheduling. With an online Booking Page, clients can self-schedule and pay for sessions 24/7.

Accept 1:1 appointments and fill classes through your website, social media, emails and more. For every booking, both you and your client receive an instant email confirmation. The details also land in your Setmore calendar automatically.

The 3Rs: Reading, writing... and reminders.

Spend less time on routine follow-ups and increase your bookable hours. Your clients' email confirmations feature convenient reschedule and cancel links. When an appointment slot opens up, another client can book it online.

Additionally, your tutor schedule software sends email or text reminders on your behalf. Automate client prompts on the lead-up to sessions and cut down on no-shows.

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Simple video tutor booking software.

Help students around the world to pass their exams. Your tutor schedule app connects with Teleport and Zoom, enabling you to host virtual sessions from where you choose. With no downloads or travel necessary, your service offers clients incredible flexibility.

A video link is included in your email confirmations. All you and your client need to do is click it and meet in the browser. Go one step further and share your screen to demonstrate concepts, or record sessions to enhance their notes.

We'll do the math.

Make informed business decisions using performance data collected in Setmore. At a glance you can view booking numbers across tutoring centers, staff capacity, transaction information and more.

Each of your clients has a Customer Profile that auto-updates over time. You can attach lesson plans and assignment notes, as well as monitor appointment history and average spend.

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Who's ready to streamline scheduling? ✋

Empower clients to manage their own bookings online. With a tutoring appointment scheduler, you can focus on quality of learning.

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