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Personal training scheduling app.

Take bookings online and max out your calendar, with personal training scheduling software.

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An all-in-one personal trainer scheduling app.

Discover how professional tennis coach Lendale Johnson has grown his academy by taking bookings online and on the court. Now that’s a serve 🎾

Personal trainers ❤️ Setmore

Give your clients the power to book 24/7 with an online personal training scheduler.

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Your top integrations.

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Your bookings in beast mode!

Allow clients to book personal training sessions without needing to contact you. Your custom online Booking Page displays your services, availability, fees and certifications. When a visitor self-schedules an appointment, they get an instant email confirmation.

Create individual booking links for 1:1 training, group fitness classes, consultations and more. You can also add recurring sessions through your Setmore calendar, ideal for conditioning athletes and preparing clients for marathons.

Putting the 'personal' in personal training.

Customer Profiles automatically update client information, including contact details, appointment history and average spend. Attach links to personalized fitness plans and progress notes for a convenient, centralized system.

Your Setmore contacts are syncable with third-party marketing platforms like Mailchimp, enabling you to send targeted email campaigns. Promote new services, provide nutrition tips and offer exclusive discounts to boost engagement with your business.

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Take bookings through Instagram.

Capitalize on likes by displaying a 'Book Now' button on your Instagram profile and posts. When clicked, your Booking Page appears, allowing social media fans to reserve your time right away.

Not only that, you can feature a personalized Instagram stream on your Booking Page. Build cred for your service with workout videos, training advice and client testimonials. By showcasing your skills, you encourage more visitors to book their first session.

Get the reps in from Anywhere.

Book and host virtual personal training sessions with the Teleport, Zoom or Google Meet integrations. By taking the limits off where you do business, your audience grows. And, your clients can feel that endorphin rush from where they choose.

1-click video links are automatically added to staff and client email confirmations. Meet face-to-face for initial consultations, to discuss fitness goals, or demonstrate good form when exercising.

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Make personal trainer scheduling software the core of your business.

When you're spotting a deadlift, your client expects your full attention. Don't be the BRB PT. Reduce distracting calls and emails by offering easy online self-booking.

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Choose an all-in-one scheduling app for personal trainers.


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