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Legal scheduling software.

Build solid client relationships and capture new leads with free law software.

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An all-in-one legal appointment app.

Discover how attorney Athar A. Khan brings order to his law practice’s scheduling. Reducing the back-and-forth with accessible online booking enables his team to take on more cases.

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Give your clients the power to book any time with a legal appointment app.

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Your top integrations.

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Manage your clients easily.

Juggling multiple cases and clients can be a challenge. Store and update all your case information using a comprehensive online legal software programme.

Keep track of appointments, court dates, and meeting notes on your attorney scheduling software. Transfer personal data from Setmore to your Clio account and centralize your client contact details securely. Increase client satisfaction and retention by spending less time searching for documents.

Witness less administration.

Encourage customers to book online and maximize your billable hours. Your law office software acts as your receptionist and handles the time-consuming paperwork. Save valuable hours checking your emails and confirming meetings with scheduling software for lawyers.

Time is money: forget wasting energy on a missed legal consultation. Automate email or text reminders to communicate important dates to your clients. Clients can even reschedule or cancel meetings on your Booking Page, without having to reach you directly.

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Freedom for your team.

Create staff logins and enable your solicitors to access their calendars Anywhere. Your team members can promote their availability online and book their own clients. Manage their workload, get a real-time view of everyone's schedules and allocate cases easily.

Direct clients to the right attorney with individual staff booking links. You can even share custom service links to simplify the booking process even further.

Provide legal services like no other.

Get more with Setmore Live Booking receptionists, who qualify leads and help your clients book online.

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All rise for legal appointment software.


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