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Online massage booking app.

Take the stress out of appointment admin with easy-to-use massage scheduling software.

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setmore appointments app in desktop and mobile

Feel the luxury of massage online booking.

Focus on providing treatments while your massage booking software automates client scheduling.

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Enable your clients to manage their appointments 24/7 with an online massage booking software.

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Your top integrations.

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Get paid securely online.

Accept payments from your clients at the point of booking. Your massage therapy scheduling software connects with Square,PayPal and Stripe to facilitate contactless payments through your Booking Page. Convenient for you and your client base.

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Set up multiple staff calendars.

Empower your team to manage their own calendars. Each staff login comes with an individual calendar and booking link. For return clients, this makes it straightforward to book with specific service providers. When appointments are scheduled, rescheduled or canceled, the relevant staff member is notified in real-time.

Make booking a breeze with all-in-one massage scheduling software.


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