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Online doctor appointment scheduling software.

Increase efficiency, comply with HIPAA regulations, and keep patients at the heart of your practice.

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Ease scheduling pains with a doctor appointment booking app.

Empower your patients to book or reschedule appointments online 24/7. Reduce average booking time from 8+ minutes by phone* to just a few clicks. (*Accenture)

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Enable your patients to book and manage their appointments online 24/7.

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Your top integrations.

Doctor consulting virtually

Provide secure virtual medical consultations.

Meet with your patients online via telemedicine appointments. Discuss their concerns and establish treatment plans remotely, using Setmore’s Zoom or Teleport integrations. Your online doctor appointment booking system offers added privacy, enabling you to lock video calls when discussing sensitive patient data.

Store up-to-date patient information.

A patient’s Customer Profile automatically updates when they book an appointment. Centralize contact information and attach notes for fast access before appointments. Your online doctor scheduling app allows you to digitally back-up patient health records and treatment recommendations.

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patient paying medical fees online

Accept medical fees online.

Minimize invoicing time by integrating Setmore with Stripe , Square or PayPal. Your practice is able to accept secure online payments, directly from your Booking Page. Bill patients for consultations or treatments in advance with a convenient, contactless payment gateway.

HIPAA-compliant doctor scheduling software.

Build trust in your services by ensuring your patients’ data remains secure. Your Setmore account comes with additional safeguarding and privacy tools.

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To access these features, you must sign a BAA between your company and Setmore. Learn more about Setmore health>

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An easy-to-use appointment scheduling app for doctors.


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