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Spa Booking Software.

Make scheduling spa appointments as stress-free as a steam and sauna.

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Stay organized with spa scheduling software.

Give clients a booking experience that is as relaxing as their treatment. With day spa software from Setmore, you can share your availability with clients online.

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Give your clients the power to book any time with a spa appointment app.

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Empower your clients to self-book.

Spend more time rejuvenating your clients while your spa appointment app works in the background. Forget the hassles of penned-down appointments and dashing back-and-forth when the phone rings.

Zen out while your customers self-schedule and make payments online 24/7. Instant notifications keep you updated so your focus remains on pampering your customers.

Personalize your virtual spa appointment book.

Create a bespoke Booking Page that showcases your services. Add your brand colours and company logo, and stream images from Instagram to promote your spa's tempting facilities.

Who could resist when they see everything in store at the point of booking? Give your clients an enhanced booking experience that makes it easy to treat themselves.

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Automate your admin
—Ah, paradise!

No longer will you spend as much time on paperwork as you do buffing, exfoliating and wrapping. When your client books in, you both receive an automatic appointment confirmation.

Automate email or text reminders and allow clients to reschedule in just a few clicks, so your team makes the most of their hours. Get the Setmore mobile app so you're on top of your schedule at any time.

Offer effortless spa booking online.

Your customers self-book their appointments with your team, filling up your calendar while you're in sessions. Organized schedules and more bookings: 'Hello Bliss!'

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Can spa scheduling get any more blissful?

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Make the magic happen, we’ll make sure it happens on time.

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