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Chiropractic Scheduling Software.

Spend more time assessing and treating patients with chiropractor appointment scheduling software.

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HIPAA-compliant chiropractor software has your back.

Your time should be spent relieving pain, not confirming sessions. Empower your patients to book their chiropractic appointments online, while you focus on improving function and mobility.

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Share individual service booking links for chiropractic assessments to acupuncture.

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A migraine-free customer journey.

If your patients experience any severe headaches or sharp pains, they'll want to book an appointment ASAP. List your availability online with your customizable Booking Page. Your practice is open 24/7 for patients to book at a time that suits them.

If a patient reschedules or cancels their chiropractic appointment, your Booking Page will display the free slot immediately. How's that for flexible booking?

Create a database of patient details.

Your chiropractic scheduling app automatically stores booking information in Customer Profiles. Update each profile with session notes, treatment recommendations, x-rays and more, to help you prepare for upcoming appointments.

Independent chiropractors can track booking numbers and expenditure using Setmore’s appointment analytics. Make it simple to reward return clients and increase loyalty.

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Align your chiropractic team.

Create individual Staff Logins with your chiropractic office software. Your specialists can update their work hours, book their own patients, and add time off to rest their healing hands.

Ensure an excellent patient experience by ringfencing time to research conditions and establish personalized treatment plans. Team members can also add buffer time to appointments, securing a window to clean HYLO tables or update patient records.

HIPAA-compliant appointment scheduling for chiropractors.

A Setmore Health account provides additional security and privacy tools, to help you meet local compliance requirements. Give your patients peace of mind that their personal data is protected.

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Before storing PHI in your app, you will need to sign a BAA between your company and Setmore. Explore Setmore Health >

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Alleviate booking pains with online chiropractic scheduling.

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Make the magic happen, we’ll make sure it happens on time.

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