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Accept payments online with Stripe.

Add a payment gateway to your calendar and Booking Page with the Stripe integration.

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accept online payments with stripe

Track every transaction with the Stripe payment integration.

Get paid for appointments in advance with Setmore and Stripe. Accepting card transactions straight from your Booking Page ensures a higher commitment to attend.

Use this integration to set up a streamlined POS system, monetize virtual appointments and take secure global payments.

How long does it take to integrate Stripe?

Activating payments through Stripe takes just a few minutes.

1 In Setmore, go to Settings > Payments and click the 'Activate' button.

2 Sign in with your Stripe details to allow Setmore to connect.

3 Head to Settings > Payments > Booking Page and follow the prompts to begin taking payments through your Booking Page. It's that simple!

Simplify your payment process.

Increase your bookable hours with Setmore and Stripe appointment payments. Connecting your accounts allows you to view transaction details straight from your calendar, generate digital receipts and process payments online or in-person.

Save hours on confirming payments and focus on customer experience.

Turn your online channels into payment portals.

Use Stripe to accept payments online for appointments gained from any digital channel. Whether a customer books through your Booking Page, website or Facebook, they can pay ahead of time quickly and easily.

Request full or part payment - via credit or debit card - prior to confirming appointments.

Automate routine financial tasks.

Your Stripe booking plugin works in the background to take payments and keep transaction details updated. Centralize your payment information and spend less time on bookkeeping.

With Setmore and Stripe, you have comprehensive appointment and revenue data to inform your business' financial strategy.

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Reach a global audience with your services.

Add Stripe to your appointment booking system

Make point-of-sale a piece of cake by taking Stripe card payments through your Setmore calendar. Learn how to set up the integration.

Add a 'Book Now' button to your website

Connect your Booking Page with your site and empower online visitors to schedule appointments 24/7. No need to contact you, no wait times.

Got Setmore Free? Get paid with Square

If you're looking to take secure, quick payments with your free Setmore account, connect it with Square. Read more about this popular integration.


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