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Counseling Scheduling Software.

Build stronger patient relationships with HIPAA-compliant online appointment scheduling software for counselors.

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Increase patient intake with therapy scheduling software.

Focus on providing a personalized service for every patient, while Setmore updates and syncs your calendar across multiple devices.

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Create a stress-free online booking process with your counseling and therapy scheduler.

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A straightforward self-scheduling solution.

Managing appointments shouldn’t take over your day. Offer your patients a simple booking process with therapy scheduling software. Using your customizable online Booking Page, patients can view your real-time availability, book a session, and pay in advance.

Create individual service booking links for guided self-help, group therapy sessions, or specific therapy routes. Self-scheduling enables your patients to manage their bookings online, whether sessions are in-office, virtual, or home-based.

Focus on your patients, not paperwork.

Your counseling practice software automates booking confirmations and reminders to reduce distractions during sessions. Ensure your clients have your undivided attention while Setmore confirms your appointments and updates your calendar.

Customer Notes help keep track of patient progress. Centralize and digitally store session details, medical history, and personalized treatment plans for quick access.

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Provide online counseling services from Anywhere.

Web-based sessions save everyone time and money. Offer virtual counseling appointments that patients can attend from where they’re comfortable. Connect your scheduling app for therapists with Teleport or Zoom and include a secure video link in booking confirmations. Your clients simply click to join their session and chat face-to-face.

Book and mediate group sessions for your patients online. Your therapy scheduling app enables you to reach clients in rural areas and reduce cancellations due to travel issues.

HIPAA-compliant therapy software.

Promote a trustworthy service by ensuring your patients’ data is protected. Your Setmore account offers security and privacy tools that help your practice meet compliance requirements.

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Before keeping PHI in your app, you will need to sign a BAA between your business and Setmore. Learn more about Setmore health>

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Choose easy, efficient scheduling software for therapists.

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Make the magic happen, we’ll make sure it happens on time.

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