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Integrate your favorite apps.

A meaningful customer experience has a beginning and middle, but no end. It begins with booking, however, you want to create a connection that lasts.

Personalize how you interact with your customers and vice versa. Automate processes so you can focus on showing your skills.

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Social media integrations.

Make it simple for your followers to book their appointments, without leaving their social apps.

Payment integrations.

Accept secure online payments in advance, for any of your services. Less invoicing, more convenience 🏆

On your marks,
get set, grow.

Utilize different apps on the daily? Setmore's integrations are incredibly simple to implement. Streamline manual tasks and spend more time growing your business.

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Website booking integrations.

Connect your Booking Page with your site in minutes. Add a customizable 'Book Now' button and take appointments 24/7.

Calendar sync integrations.

Double-booking is a thing of the past. Sync your personal and professional calendars for smooth scheduling around-the-clock.

Video meeting integrations.

Meet with your customers in a click. Attach video call links in your appointment confirmations and offer your services globally.

Book with Setmore, meet with Teleport.

"The no-cost integration with Teleport for one-to-one video sessions is the cherry on the top. If you run any session-based appointment-run business, then it is worth your time evaluating Setmore."

Gregor M. via Capterra, Owner

Professional Training & Coaching

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Marketing integrations.

Share special offers, invites and company news with your customers. Create valuable interactions pre- and post-booking to boost loyalty.

Sales and CRM integrations.

From first-time customers all the way to your diehard fans - segment your audience and show them their business matters.

Business app integrations.

Pioneering apps have to stick together! 🤝 Schedule appointments from your emails, enhance your service with live booking receptionists, and more.

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