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Online medical appointment scheduling software.

Empower your patients to book appointments 24/7 while ensuring your practice remains HIPAA-compliant.

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Stay updated with patient scheduling software.

Get instant notifications when an appointment is booked, rescheduled or canceled. Your calendar syncs across desktop, tablet and mobile.

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Direct patients to book with particular specialists using your online medical scheduling software.

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Self booking appointments with setmore

Automate admin to free your reception team.

On average, it takes over 8 minutes to book an appointment by telephone. (Accenture) Choose an online patient scheduling system that reduces manual processes and offers 24/7 self-booking. Confirm appointments around-the-clock and receive new booking notifications in real-time.

Set up custom patient reminders.

Missed appointments cost the healthcare industry $150bn per year. (SCI Solutions) Minimize patient no-shows and maximize revenue with automatic medical appointment reminders. Let your healthcare appointment scheduling software send text and email alerts on your behalf. Save time on admin and stay productive.

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Setmore offers patient data backup

Get quick access to patient data.

Online medical scheduling software enables specialists to attach notes to a patient’s profile. Store a digital back-up of health records and grant varied access levels to different team members. Centralize contact details and treatment plans to streamline prep for upcoming appointments.

HIPAA-compliant healthcare scheduling software.

Have peace-of-mind that your patients’ data is safeguarded. Your Setmore account includes privacy and security tools that assist in adhering to local requirements.

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Seamless scheduling for doctors, nurses and medical offices.


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